We develop personal protective equipment

We develop personal protective equipment

The ability to meet the most diverse technical requirements of our customers is based on continuous investment in our own research and development. Our customers appreciate the short path to engineering expertise, especially when fulfilling individual orders. A total of 30 employees of CeoTronics AG and CT-Video GmbH work in hardware and software development at our German locations. Four of 22 engineers also ensure expertise, high consultation quality, and an optimal flow of information to the technical departments in the field sales force, office staff, and authorized representatives.

In fiscal year 2017/2018, group research and development expenses amounted to €1,758 thousand (of which €352 thousand at CT-Video GmbH) and accounted for 10.0% of group turnover.

To date, investments have already been made in

• Our own tetra cell  
• An EMC measuring station with G-TEM cell
• A cable tester
• A climatic chamber for temperature and humidity simulation
• An acoustics laboratory
• An ESD measuring station
• An IP testing laboratory
• A pressure chamber.

We are currently working on expanding our acoustics laboratory so that we can carry out subjective hearing protection measurements.