Code of Conduct


The reputation of CeoTronics AG and its group companies (hereinafter “CeoTronics”) as well as the trust of clients, lenders, employees and the general public depend decisively on the concrete behaviour of every single person who works at CeoTronics (*). Everyone must contribute to CeoTronics living up to the described responsibilities and values, and to ensuring that the positive expectations associated with the CeoTronics brand are met.

This Code of Conduct contains minimum standards which are binding on every CeoTronics employee. It is intended to help manage legal and ethical challenges in day-to-day work, to create a sense of orientation and thus to further strengthen trust in the performance and integrity of CeoTronics.

This Code of Conduct is used in all group companies of CeoTronics AG and applies to all employees of the group, regardless of their employment status.

It must be ensured that all agents, representatives and consultants who act on behalf of a group company also commit to complying with this Code of Conduct in writing.

*Although the male form has been chosen for reasons of legibility, such references apply to the members of all genders.