Professional Video Systems


As well as offering standard solutions and specialized custom industrial solutions to suit individual customer requirements, the company also focuses on producing solutions for mobile operations involving government agencies. The product portfolio covers every stage of the transmission workflow, thereby ensuring the best possible compatibility between individual components. The following pages offer a representative sample of solutions from the CT-Video GmbH product portfolio. Please visit the Download Area for technical data sheets and details of other products.

Collaboration with the state security and police authorities demands a high level of discretion. Video, audio and data systems for covert operations or for special unit operations are developed by CT-Video in close cooperation with the end user and, of course, are handled confidentially.


Each cooperation begins with intensive consultation:

  • Which requirement should be met?
  • Should the system be integrated in existing technology?
  • What are the parameters that have to be taken into consideration?
  • Are there any safety regulations that have to be considered?

Based on this knowledge CT-Video develops tailor made solutions that are individually matching the requirements of the customer.

Meanwhile CT-Video can make use of a large knowledgebase and has a wide spectrum of experience and possibilities. In construction CT-Video uses state of the art CAD computer technology. This causes very short development time of products.

This bank of experience in is just only one of the advantages CT-Video offers their clients. Even more important is the immense application knowledge gathered over the years.
In different sectors like e.g. nuclear technology, vehicle construction, fire brigades or authorities there are different surrounding conditions that have to be taken into consideration when construction a video transmission solution.

That's' how systems are made that perfectly perform their task - even in very sensitive and security relevant areas or under difficult ambient conditions.