CT-Smart PoE Switch outdoor 4G/12V

With the assistance of the CT-Smart PoE Switch outdoor 4G/12V, up to 8 connected PoE consumers as well as 4 different 12V DC consumers can be switched remotely via SMS or via the integrated web interface.

To establish the connection, an LTE modem as well as a deactivatable WLAN AP are implemented in the robust, outdoor-suitable housing, so that users can access the web interface of the PoE switch via smart devices (Android/iOS) or browsers of all common operating systems. The connection required for this can be secured using HTTPS or VPN.

In addition, the user receives status messages and information, e.g. about the charging status of connected, system-compatible batteries or about a change in GPS position.

For power supply, the system can combine 2 connected rechargeable batteries with low loss.

  • Up to 8 PoE consumers and 4 12V DC consumers can be connected
  • PoE outputs can be switched remotely (via LTE and WLAN)
  • Input voltage range 9-16V
  • Control and status information via web interface and SMS
  • Output of GPS coordinates
  • Power supply expandable with 2nd rechargeable battery

CT-Smart PoE Switch outdoor 4G/12V
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